It flips, zooms and links!

ABN Now is a new virtual edition of the Arkansas Baptist News. Check out a preview here.

It looks just like the printed edition, except it is virtual. Subscribers receive an email each issue with a link that takes them to the latest issue. You can zoom in to read articles. Pages flip by clicking the corner of the page. It includes audio and video clips and hyperlinks. There is color throughout, rather than just on certain pages like the print edition. Sometimes there will even be additional pages of information the print edition will not include.

Subscription rates for ABN Now-digital edition, at $8 a year, are lower than the print edition subscription rate ($15). Plus ABN Now subscribers receive the ABN one to two days sooner, not to mention all the extra bells and whistles. Churches get reduced rates for multiple subscriptions billed to the church.

We hope you enjoy ABN Now-digital edition as much as we enjoy producing it!

For more information including discounted church rates, contact Jessica at 501-376-4791 or 800-838-2272 (toll-free in state) ext. 5153 or

Do you prefer to receive our print edition? Click here.